AJ Hoffman-Pattern Concept

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Pictured above are a few aerial photographs by Artist Gerco de Ruijter (via BLDGBLOG). De Ruijter photographs Dutch orchards and forests using various techniques ranging from traditional aerial photography to ‘a camera mounted on a fishing pole.’ One of the most intriguing aspects of his work is the invisible parameters found within each grid. While overtly showing the control of humanity through their organization on a Descartian Grid, the trees belie the systemic connection and emergent logic each node has with not only one another, but with its respective surroundings. The importance of the grid is not simply the nodes that exist but the nodes that do not. The absents of trees within the controlled pattern should be the emphasis as it is this phenomenon which embodies the most information such as: the presence of pathogens, water drainage, subsurface soil conditions, wind, etc. By understanding or observing the ‘un-tree’ in the grid, we may ascertain an encoded logic.


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